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One of the things that makes our ice cream so unique is that we grow and process our own organic fruit. This takes a LOT more time but is worth it for the superior natural flavour and texture of our products. Here is Jenna showing a snippet of what it takes to process mangosteen aka the Queen of Fruit.

Mangosteen Mania

Processing mangosteen. Legend has it that Queen Victoria of Britain was once told about a divinely delicious purple fruit that grew in faraway Southeast Asia. A reward price was set of 100 pounds sterling to whosoever would bring her the fresh purple mangosteen. For this reason mangosteen is also known as ‘The Queen of Fruit’.

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There is so much to do in the Daintree Rainforest but here are just a few….


Experience the Daintree Ferry as you cross over into another world, treat yourself to some delicious homemade ice-cream, relax your mind and soul with some beach yoga. These are just a few of the incredible experiences on offer in the Daintree – a world away from your everyday.

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Check out http://www.destinationdaintree.com/ for more.

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Joey Yoga.I decided to do my morning yoga practice in the backyard… but of course, these two had to be involved! I think we may have just created a new sport – JOGA (joey yoga)! 🧘‍♀️ 😂 #wallabywednesdayExplore Tropical North Queensland Destination Daintree Visit Port Douglas & Daintree Port Douglas Uncovered Port Douglas Port Douglas Magazine HuffPost Australia Newsport Daily Visit Queensland, Australia

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Doing my morning yoga practice is much more fun (and dynamic!) with these two trying to join in!

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The life and times of ‘Abbey Road’ – an orphaned striped possum we were fortunate enough to raise. Striped possums (Dactylopsila trivirgata) are only found in Australia and New Guinea and are actually more closely related to sugar gliders than other possums. They have weirdly elongated tongues, long incisors and the largest brain in relation to body weight of any marsupial. Abbey was an absolute pleasure to care for and we are happy to report she is now back in the wild where she belongs.

Music by our friend and animal lover Ziggy Alberts

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We are honoured to be selected of one of just 100 organisations right across Queensland to be profiled for the 100 Faces of Small Business initiative.

100 Faces of Small Business:

100 Faces of Small Business showcases the human stories behind our state’s diverse small businesses and highlights their unique experiences and inspiring stories.

Representing 17 industries, across every region of Queensland, the 100 Faces of Small Business are true advocates for small business in their community.

100 Faces of Small Business aims to inspire others to start, grow and employ more staff for their own small business.



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We were thrilled to be featured in the French culinary magazine, SUPERFOOD. Since we don’t speak the language a wonderful volunteer by the name of Marie-Ange took the time to translate this for us!

Eco delights with exotic fruits

Following this gourmet path, I drive to the Daintree Ice Company. Picture a 9 hectares domain, nestled in the heart of the rainforest. Plant tropical trees, preferably the one that will bear those succulent exotic fruits. Create a tea tree labyrinth (the largest of the South hemisphere, please), just for the fun. In 1993, the owners had the genius idea to offer for sale ice creams and sorbets concocted from the tropical fruits that abound in their orchard.

A refreshing experience to savor while pacing the estate, to discover the amazing fruits, or to get lost in the labyrinth.

Two thousands liters of ice cream per year, offered in a dozen flavors. The choice is not yours ; according to the seasons and the desires, a cup with four flavors is offered. Variety for all the palates. Reader, if you have ever tried the durian, you will understand! Today’s tasting: soursop, black sapote, lemon myrtle/coconut, acacia seeds. The flavor of the soursop is a delight: a combination of vanilla and pineapple with delicate citrus hints, whose octuosity is reminiscent of coconut or banana.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are the key words here. The estate is so isolated that Jenna and Dave, the owners, have to produce their own electric power – we are North of the Daintree river, there is no electrical network. Solar panels and generators supply the enormous freezers and ice cream machines, of course. Water? It comes directly from the river running through the property. The orchards can all have the organic label, while the cardboard cups end up in the compost. Jenna treats me with crusty stories. She tells me that one morning, she woke up with the strange feeling to be observed…A family of cassowaries was watching her through her bedroom window!

PDF OF MAGAZINE HERE: 10_MAGFOODSEP18_112-117 voyage queensland 1 COUV SUPERFOOD N°5


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Making banana gelato ? ?

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Daintree Ice Cream Co. was recently featured on the Youtube Travel Show ‘Work, Play, Vacay‘ where the host Paula got to follow her dream of being an ice cream maker for a day. She joined owner Dave Mainwaring in creating some lime sorbet at our place in the Daintree Rainforest.


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As wildlife carers we love sharing the stories of our charges. Recently we had the pleasure of raising two mangrove/striated herons, Harry and Keenie.

The chicks came in about a week apart but were found at the same spot so it is likely they were nest mates*. The original baby, named ‘Harry’ had gone through a 24 hour period of paralysis (cause unknown) in the first week and we were very worried about his survival. Fortunately the addition of the second chick, ‘Keenie’, worked like a balm and seemed to boost his spirits and his appetite.

The two of them started snuggling up together at night and soon became inseparable.

Chicks were fed fresh seafood (Dave was stoked to have an excuse to go fishing every day) as well as insectivore mix, crickets, worms and small amounts of meat. They also had their diet supplemented by calcium to ensure strong bones.

Each day they were taken out of their enclose to get some vitamin D, stretch their wings and legs and encouraged to explore the world. It was incredible to watch their instincts kick in, especially when it came to catching insects or fish – their necks would extend and contract SO fast that if you blinked you could have missed it!

Both chicks saw Jenna as their mum and would follow her around the yard and come when she called. Over time their natural curiosity and aptitude took over and they came to depend on us less and less. Eventually they stopped coming back at all and now live a 100% wild life.

Raising baby herons

A short clip about the rehabilitation of our heron chicks – from little fluff balls to release at Daintree Ice Cream Company.

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*Note: Every attempt was made to reunite the chicks with their parents when they were first found but in these cases it was not possible.

If you find an injured or baby bird please follow the steps laid out by Wildcare Australia: http://wildcare.org.au/species-information/birds/