Open your mind and your mouth to the flavours of the rainforest.

It’s ice cream like you’ve never had it before, in the heart of the oldest rainforest in the world.

Ice cream, gelatos and sorbets are handmade on site using classic artisan methods, and we work in harmony with our surrounds.

Our exotic fruit organically grown and farmed in our orchard adds a tropical twist to a traditional dessert.


Our ice cream is served in our Signature Cup, featuring four unique, fresh flavours. These change daily based on what fruit trees are in season, and what tastes best!

We feel that providing ice cream in this way delivers the best taste experience for every palate. We encourage you to open your mind and your mouth to the weird and wonderful world of exotic fruit ice cream, gelatos and sorbets.


We do things a little differently up here!

Ice cream is served in our signature cup, featuring four unique tropical flavours. These change daily depending on what’s in season and complimentary flavours. 

Serving ice cream in this way affords you the best value for money (4 scoops is $7.50) as well as encouraging you to try something new.

We find that everyone has their own favourite, and the novelty of trying so many unique flavours creates a fun and memorable tasting experience.


Taste the rainforest and savour a range of new flavours and textures.

Meet the heroes of our exotic fruit orchard.


We source the heroes of our desserts from our tropical fruit orchard

Growing our own fruit for the past 35 years has led to the cultivation of 15 different exotic species. This means we use no premix powders, artificial sweeteners or dairy mixes. Each has it’s own deliciously delectable flavour, that will surprise and delight your palate.

  • Fantastic flavours! Beautiful orchard and great staff.

    thumb Idris Alkamraikhi

    5 star review  Your black sapote ice cream is LEGENDARY. I was trying to work out what the flavour reminded of - then I realised it's very similar to an Indonesian dessert I had when I was a kid, with avocados and chocolate syrup. I'm back at home now and I still occasionally think about your black sapote ice cream when I'm hungry for something sweet. I will be back for more!

    thumb Diego Tan

    5 star review  This is a very interesting place nestled in a very scenic spot. They have some really unique flavors that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

    thumb Chris Johnson
  • 5 star review  wonderful staff , lovely place, divine ice cream~~~

    thumb Delphina Crystallina

    Just the loveliest people who make the tastiest ice cream. Beautiful location right in the heart of the Daintree. Must stop here. Enjoy.

    thumb SV Rockhopper

    5 star review  By far the most flavoursome icecream I've ever eaten and the owners are such lovely and friendly people. I'd recommend that everyone in the area go and give it a go.

    thumb Dane Birch
  • 4 star review  We visited you only for a short time, however, the ice cream was divine I could quite easily have had 2 or 3 cups - if you are to visit The Daintree a stop at Daintree Ice Cream Company is a must to stop at and enjoy their great products. Hopefully we'll return. ��

    thumb Mike Nolan

    AVOID AT ALL COST. No clear parking zones. Had one guy just block me in goes for a walk. I wait in line. Listen to their story 5 times and what was on offer that day then Finaly my turn to be served. I started telling the lady what I'd like to be rudely told I had to listen AGAIN what's on offer by someone else. I explained already and on a dead line have to go get a very rude response. Walked away and one lady tells me on way out best decision as her ice cream tasted horrible. I ended up at the one down the road. So much nicer staff and better option Glad I ended up their instead. In short AVOID

    thumb Gary Roberts

    5 star review  Amazing ice cream ! Beautifull flavour 🙂 Lovely personnel, thank to the lady to let us know that a Cassowaries and his 3 chouks where hide on the bush near their kitchen ! I Get nice picture during my ice cream experience 🙂 There is a lot of fruit tree everywhere ! Hightly recommed 🙂

    thumb Anna Childéric Del Rey


The Daintree is an ancient world full of natural wonders

We’re on a mission to make the best ice cream possible with only whole foods made from scratch.

We use local produce wherever possible, including Tablelands milk and Jersey cream, weighing out each ingredient one by one.

It is our responsibility to work in harmony with our surrounds, preserve important habitats and act as stewards for wildlife. 



Enjoy your deliciously exotic fruit ice cream under the very tree where it was grown.

Then, take a free self-guided walking tour around our Tropical Fruit Orchard.



  •   We visited the Daintree region for the day and on our return we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. I told the grandkids that it was for some sort of “Hippie/Vegan/Tree hugger variety ice cream” which put them on high alert. But in reality...More

    thumb normanp311

      Delicious ice cream but we were surprised that the flavours were all ready decided and not by us, you get four flavours

    thumb tomtom755
  •   We stopped off here as part of a day touring the Daintree region. We sampled the 4 different scoop option for around 6 AUD, enabling us to try a range of ice creams that we couldn't get at home. In addition you can wander round...More

    thumb Jolyon101

      Great pit stop back into Port Douglas after a day at Cape Tribulation. The four flavours are unique and yummy!

    thumb Leanne H
  •   They have 4 daily flavours which are pre-scooped into a dish for about $7.50 a person. When I went it was coconut, mango, soupsop, and wattleseed. Very very good! The bonus is you can walk around the orchard and look at the different fruits growing...More

    thumb aliwpg

      My husband and I spent a long day heading to Cape Tribulation/back and on the return trip stopped by the Daintree Ice Cream Co. It was absolutely fantastic, offering 31 different flavors and a special dish of four flavors combined - mango sorbet, coconut palm,...More

    thumb Ladd298
  •   It was a must stop after reading about Daintree Ice Cream and it didn't disappoint. The four different and fresh, locally grown fruit flavours were absolutely delicious. The combinations were really good together but our favourite was the Davidson Plum on its own. Although a...More

    thumb Usia2014

      Totally worth a visit. I had the tasting cup which had the 5 exotic flavours of the day - all delicious! You're allowed to walk around the orchard too and check out the trees/plants where the fruit has been harvested from.

    thumb trishacotterill