Fruit organically grown in our orchard is used to make our ice cream - you can't get much fresher than that!

A Unique Taste Experience

At the Daintree Ice Cream Co. we add a tropical twist to a traditional dessert. The result? Delicious and refreshing exotic fruit ice cream made with home grown fruit.

We do things a bit differently

Our ice cream is served in a generous 'sample' cup featuring 4 unique flavours (that's 4 scoops per cup!). These change daily based on seasonability and flavour matching.  We feel that providing ice cream in this way delivers the best taste experience for every palate. By ordering our world-famous sample cup you will savour a range of new flavours and textures - the only hard part will be deciding which one is your favourite!

Our exotic fruits flavours include: Davidson Plum, Soursop (Guanabana), Jackfruit, Black Sapote, Yellow Sapote, Passionfruit, Mango, Mamey Sapote, Durian, Macadamia, Wattleseed, Araca-boi, Carambola, Abiu, Pineapple, Coconut, Capuassa (a type of cocoa).

We also sell authentic Italian gelato sticks - flavours include soursop, mango/passionfruit and chocolate (for those die-hard chocoholics among us).

All our ice cream is gluten-free and our sorbets are dairy free/vegan.

Please note: We try to avoid selling 'ordinary' flavours as our focus is on the weird and wonderful world of exotic fruit ice cream. We encourage you to open your mind (and your mouth) to get the most out of your visit with us.