A visit to our 22-acre Daintree Rainforest Tropical Fruit Orchard is one you won’t easily forget.


We invite you to enjoy the full experience by seeing, smelling and learning about the fruits in our Tropical Fruit Orchard before tasting them in our delicious ice cream.


Get a FREE Scoop!

If you’re thinking of coming to visit, we’d love to offer you a FREE scoop of our famous fruit ice cream.

All you need to do is take our quiz and find your flavour.


  •   Flavors were amazing and truly from the region, so glad we stopped in and highly recommend to others

    thumb 928elainer

      This was fab. You get a pre-scooped cup of the 4 flavours of the day. I think it's important to know that you can't pick your flavours (so the kids were a bit put out) but once they tasted the amazing new flavours they were...More

    thumb Nezzta

      Delicious ice cream but we were surprised that the flavours were all ready decided and not by us, you get four flavours

    thumb tomtom755
  •   Ice creams are always good to have . These are made from tropical fruits. Visit their garden and look for different tropical fruits. They serve 4 flavours together and ice creams are without egg but with milk. It is kinda set menu.

    thumb manjula72

      Authentic tastes and best home made ice cream ever .. try out the Daintree flavoured ice cream it’s really yummy..

    thumb S J

      A wonderful place to stop on the way back from Cape Tribulation. Good operation with ice cream of the flavours of the day ready to go. Saves too much decision making. Fresh and delicious ice cream. Great to also be able to walk around the...More

    thumb KylieR8787
  •   We visited the Daintree region for the day and on our return we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. I told the grandkids that it was for some sort of “Hippie/Vegan/Tree hugger variety ice cream” which put them on high alert. But in reality...More

    thumb normanp311

      We were driving past and decided to stop as our car hire company had given us a discount voucher! Well worth stopping. Ice cream was amazing. Daily special of 4 flavours in a cup. Very different flavours made from fruit grown on site. We loved...More

    thumb Steve6244

      Leaving Cape Tribulation, we saw the ICE CREAMERY on the right. The gravel road goes past their exotic fruit orchard,till you reach the open air counter. For $7.50 you get a selection of four scoops of fruit ice cream. The flavours are amazing,and natural. They...More

    thumb adiek2016
  •   Nervous at first, but oh my it was so good. Who would ever think to make such great sorbet out of fruit I've never heard of. Relaxing orchards, wonderful staff.

    thumb diannelyons

      They have 4 daily flavours which are pre-scooped into a dish for about $7.50 a person. When I went it was coconut, mango, soupsop, and wattleseed. Very very good! The bonus is you can walk around the orchard and look at the different fruits growing...More

    thumb aliwpg

      Great pit stop back into Port Douglas after a day at Cape Tribulation. The four flavours are unique and yummy!

    thumb Leanne H
  •   You have to have the ice cream of the day as you have no choice or say in the matter. The ice cream of the day is 4 small scopes of different flavoured fruit ice cream. A little disappointing.

    thumb kerry r

      My husband and I spent a long day heading to Cape Tribulation/back and on the return trip stopped by the Daintree Ice Cream Co. It was absolutely fantastic, offering 31 different flavors and a special dish of four flavors combined - mango sorbet, coconut palm,...More

    thumb Ladd298

      This little ice cream is a must stop if you are in the Daintree rain forest. The ice cream was very good and hit the spot on a hot day after hiking. The bowl of ice cream has 4 different favors. There is also a...More

    thumb MNtravels657

Enjoy your deliciously exotic fruit ice cream under the very tree where it was grown.

Then, take a free self-guided walking tour around our Tropical Orchard.