Established in 1993, the Daintree Ice Cream Company became a highlight for visitors to the region. This was thanks to the creative vision and pioneering spirit shown by original owner Tracey Brady.

Surrounded by jungle, with no mains power, no town water and barely even a road, the undertaking was not for the faint-hearted.

Despite the obstacles, Tracey grew this humble little business into an iconic must-see destination in the Daintree Rainforest.


Twenty-five years on, the property is still without mains power.

Yet, new owners Dave Mainwaring and Jenna Rumney are embracing living off the grid, working in true harmony with natural systems.

After a decade of guiding rainforest tours and working on the Great Barrier Reef, Dave and Jenna were on the hunt for a block of land in the Daintree and a new project to sink their teeth into.

  During their search, they got the ‘scoop’ on the Daintree Ice Cream Company

Established in 1993, the Daintree Ice Cream Co. is a world-famous tourist attraction specialising in home-grown fruit ice cream. Dave and Jenna purchased the 22-acre property and threw everything they had into learning about the craft of ice cream making.

A massive refurbishment of the commercial kitchen soon followed including the purchase of a top of the range, hand-built ice cream machine. This investment has helped to refine, perfect and deliver the very finest quality ice cream, gelatos and sorbets possible.


One of the first changes they made on the farm was switching to organic farming to reduce nutrient runoff, a major issue affecting the Great Barrier Reef. 

They began planting native ‘companion’ plants to fix nitrogen and ‘sacrificial’ plants to stop pests eating fruit crops, and introduced sustainably sourced compostable ice cream cups to reuse as compost.

Revegetation to create habitat and food for native wildlife and corridors for transitory species was another major step in their transformation of the property.

This is no ordinary ice cream company.

Living in the jungle means we need to be 100% self-sufficient.

Our business runs on solar and generator power, and we reduce, reuse and recycle at every opportunity.

We pump water from our river and compost our waste by turning our ice cream cups into compost. This is then used to grow the exotic fruit trees that bear the heroes in our delicious ice cream, gelatos & sorbets.

Our organically grown fruit is the centrepiece of each recipe and we create our ice cream, sorbets and gelatos onsite in small batches. This ensures we provide exceptional quality desserts and maintain the legacy for unique tropical fruit flavours that began back in 1993.

We hope that by using our land holistically we can contribute to a better understanding of rainforest ecosystems. It is important that we preserve wildlife habitats and act as stewards for native flora and fauna. We hope to demonstrate how successful businesses and ethical land management can co-exist and enrich one another if done correctly.


  •   We visited the Daintree region for the day and on our return we stopped at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. I told the grandkids that it was for some sort of “Hippie/Vegan/Tree hugger variety ice cream” which put them on high alert. But in reality...More

    thumb normanp311

      Loved spending time at the Daintree Ice Cream Company. Had a lovely walk around the grounds where they grow all the plants/flavours they use in their ice cream. Ice cream flavours changed each day and their signature cup comes with 4 scoops of different flavoured...More

    thumb cg2792

      We never drive past without calling in when we are showing our friends and family this beautiful region. The ice cream is delicious and the gardens and facilities are excellent. The staff are always super friendly and this afternoon went above and beyond for us...More

    thumb pen72
  •   Totally worth a visit. I had the tasting cup which had the 5 exotic flavours of the day - all delicious! You're allowed to walk around the orchard too and check out the trees/plants where the fruit has been harvested from.

    thumb trishacotterill

      Highly recommend this ice cream. Among best I have had. 4 flavors no choice which is good when you cant decide. The day I went the flavors were all awesome. Don't miss if on the neighborhood. Reasonable price 7.50$ for 4 scoops.

    thumb P622SBmichaelf

      You can’t miss this stop. The ice cream is fantastic and it’s super enjoyably to eat it while walking around their or orchard. What a fascinating way to see where the product is harvested from. The walk-in tour is fantastic!

    thumb 5Aliveepm
  •   This little ice cream is a must stop if you are in the Daintree rain forest. The ice cream was very good and hit the spot on a hot day after hiking. The bowl of ice cream has 4 different favors. There is also a...More

    thumb MNtravels657

      We stopped off here as part of a day touring the Daintree region. We sampled the 4 different scoop option for around 6 AUD, enabling us to try a range of ice creams that we couldn't get at home. In addition you can wander round...More

    thumb Jolyon101

      We recently visited the Daintree Ice creamery. The location was lovely surrounded by exotic fruit trees. The staff were welcoming however they have set up their servivng system to suit quick visits from bus groups. The cups of ice creams are prescooped and you don’t...More

    thumb 2sonsandlovetotravel
  •   Ice creams are always good to have . These are made from tropical fruits. Visit their garden and look for different tropical fruits. They serve 4 flavours together and ice creams are without egg but with milk. It is kinda set menu.

    thumb manjula72

      Great pit stop back into Port Douglas after a day at Cape Tribulation. The four flavours are unique and yummy!

    thumb Leanne H

      You have to have the ice cream of the day as you have no choice or say in the matter. The ice cream of the day is 4 small scopes of different flavoured fruit ice cream. A little disappointing.

    thumb kerry r
  •   Fantastic off-beat deelish ice creams and sorbet with and education about a number of not so common (& common) tropical fruits thrown in for free - all grown on the premises on labelled trees that bracket the approach drive & we have a winner. Not...More

    thumb BizmanVic

      A wonderful place to stop on the way back from Cape Tribulation. Good operation with ice cream of the flavours of the day ready to go. Saves too much decision making. Fresh and delicious ice cream. Great to also be able to walk around the...More

    thumb KylieR8787

      Flavors were amazing and truly from the region, so glad we stopped in and highly recommend to others

    thumb 928elainer